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FFXI Community
A place for FFXI players to share information
I came here due to the fact that it seems another finalfantasy11 community was deleted. I really enjoy reading about others adventures on the game and seeing helpful tips and hints on all the things in the game.

My character name is Croran, I am a lvl 62rdm Elvaan on Carbuncle server.

Current Location: Home

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About me:

My name is Esined.
Server: Garuda & Midgar (just recently)
Race: Mithra & Taru (on Midgar with same name lol)
Main: Whm & Rdm(still debating for my lil taru)

Just started to discover these communities. I enjoy this site and posting some of my burbs of my lil ol life ^.^

Current Mood: hungry hungry
Current Music: Surrender - Billy Talent

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Welcome to the community! We are at present a small community for talking about Final Fantasy Eleven, or FFXI. If you would like to join please read the rules here, then click here to join.

We are very happy to have you in our community. Perhaps you would like to make your first post an introduction? It is a nice way to meet others on your server and perhaps find a few new friends across the servers.

I have also decided to make a post with all users from the different servers listed so you can contact them directly or just to see how many people that are members here are part of your server. We appreciate any of your questions and concerns and would love to hear from you. Again, welcome to the community and enjoy your stay!
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